The concept of the villain is created as the antithesis of the hero. What the villain wants is always different from what the hero wants. What makes villain different in every fantasy story is the development of the character itself. The development of the character is the most important thing to create the most powerful villain. One of the developments that could be interesting is the Villain pasts. From there we could know what’s behind them to be hero’s antithesis. Furthermore we could know how Villains are created.

The Villains from my opinion are created to be the balance of the story. No stories are filled with the good guy or a bad guy. That is a basic rule of narrative story. Thus, which will be dominant is decided by the narrator itself.

Villain for me also has the most important role. It has the function to depress the hero, pushing the hero to the limit, torture the mentality of the hero, and kill the hero itself. That role of the villain makes me interested to discuss because I could see how strong the hero could face them and decide who the scariest villain ever in fantasy world is. Fantasy world in my diction here means the world in games, movie or fiction in novel. I decided to discuss 3 villains that attract me the most.



What is the motivation from Joker to destroy Gotham city? Can you guess? Well no one ever known what is the motivations of him. He has no motivations at all to destroy the Gotham city. All he has done for Batman and Gotham is just for his satisfaction. Doing all the destruction with super well execution plan just for the satisfaction is just mad. It is scary to know when people for example kills a man just for his needs his satisfaction.

In short, you can call this man a psychopath. A psychopath like Joker will not feel hurt when he got punched, bleed, or even getting killed. He will laugh if you do such a thing. In doing his crime he uses human weakness. If you remembered it clearly the scene at the 2 ships where the people of Gotham was getting evacuated showed that Joker has an ability to use human behavior to humiliate the people itself.

What can you say more about this man? Killing a people with laugh, throw a heroine from the top of the building, I think that is enough. From the sources I know, it tells that Joker has darkest past of his life. He lived with a careless man and just let joker live without any love from the parents. Another story also said that Joker is sick from the time he was born. I don’t know what is right in this film Nolan succeed to show the most evil villain from Joker

In conclusion, this man is sick!  You should be careful with psychopath. They are the real villain.



Betray, anger, revenge, and confusion, this word for me could describe who the sephiroth is. He was born a hero, but in development of the story he discovered that he wasn’t from earth. He thought that he was an alien then he became a villain.For me the development of sephiroth is interesting to discuss. It needs 3 prequel of Final Fantasy VII to reveal who sephiroth was. You may need to play all the games to see it.

However, what you need to know is that Sephiroth was a hero. At first, cloud as the main hero adore him so much that makes him became his role model of a hero. At the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII we discovered that Sephiroth was a truly a real hero. He became rank 1 soldier of SinRa Company which job is protecting earth. Then because of Jenova, an alien cell which sephiroth thought that it’s a mother of him, he became a hero-who-looked-confuse. He destroys everything that got him in the way. After all, he did a tragedy which killing the mental of the hero, Cloud.

Just because of a cell that was thought is his mother he become confuses and betray his role as a hero. This is insane knowing that the strongest hero could be a dangerous villain. The moral lesson is don’t make a good people a villain or they could be the most dangerous villain.



When you don’t know how to use your brain properly you may ask this guy. He can lead you to be another criminal consultant. He has a brilliant mind with mysterious act. He ache every single thing of your lie without being detected. He has a lot of people under him that can be controlled by phone and killing one of them without makes his hand dirty.

The villain like Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock could be the most dangerous people in the world if he really exists. How will not be? He has something that everyone hasn’t even president of a country and his intel. What is it? Yes, a connection. He has almost all the connection in the world. He can send someone illegally without being detected. He could transport drugs within the airport without any suspiciousness. He can pirate the network of a city if he wants and so on and so on.

What we could do if this man exists is calling Sherlock Holmes. May be he is the one who we can hive a hope in his shoulder. We can see how smart he is while hijack the London city by a button of his phone. In fact we knew that he uses human psychology just doing that. he is smart and evil.

Well, we should be careful with a genious when he got wrong-treated he could threaten us.