Prefer PS3 than PS4 Games

I was bored. At the beginning of September there were no good games on Android and NDS (–”). Then I initiated to bought new device that can play a lot of games (I was using Xperia L with all its limitation). Then I chose Xperia Z1 Compact. My girlfriend offered me a special price for it . Usually It is sold for 600$ but my girlfriend could get 30% off!so, I thought it was my chance for having a new phone. However, the special price is just a dream, The supplier was out of STOCK! Can’t you believe that. I has allocated my money to buy phone but it allocated immediately for Game console :p. Why you ask? I love game and I have a big screen TV which would be useless if its HDMI features was not used :p.

Ok, Then I was thinking which one I should buy. PS4 with its limited games or PS3 with a thousand famous games. Then natures told me that it is better for you to buy console games with many of famous games in it than bought new console with unknown date releases. Well, with that check-mate reason It could make you who is still in dillema to buy PS3 or PS4. In fact it is true that PS4 has less game than PS3 and the quality of PS3 is still same with PS4. So that, I could conclude that PS3 has the same quality with PS4, more or less.



The Difference between PS3 and PS4, no different isn’t it

The second, maybe it can change your mind buying PS4. Almost all of the PS4 games can be played in PS3. I mean that PS4 games are still versatile which means that the games in PS4 are also available in PS3. With cheaper price this can be your preference to buy PS3 over PS4. Lets just say FIFA14, and Watch Dogs. They are not exclusive games for PS4 but also popular in PS3 and PC games. So that, why PS4 while you can play famous games in PS3?

The consoles comparison

Finally, you still can play unoriginal games i n PS3. Especially for a country that has a difficulty t play original games such as Indonesia. The newest PS3 console can be jailbreaked and play a copy games. You can play every games in PS3 as long as you have the copy and no need the original games. And no money to play if you found the link on internet :p :p :p. Well the following reason is not serious if you want to appreciate the original one.

Overall, the choice is back to our budget to play games. If you have a lot of money and want to wait another great games from PlayStation you should buy PS4. However for you who doesn’t have enough money I recommend you to buy PS3. There are still a lot of greatest hit game that can be played in PS3. If you want to buy PS4 in the future you can still sell it because There are still many people want to play PS3.

On word from me “Enjoy the ride!” 😀 😀 😀


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