Experience using Xiaomi mi3

The first time I saw Xiaomi I never thought that the chinese has a powerful hardware and attractive software. I thought, at that time, the phone is just another mediocre phone made by them. They usually made A supercopy of a famous phone with a modified hardware.Then I surprised that there is a phone that has the same specification with Samsung S5 but he price is a half of Samsung S5. I couldn’t believe at the first place but had to believe at the end.

At the first time using it every application running smoothly. With MIUI the phone adapt iOS UI without menu for displaying all applications. Maybe adapting iOS UI is trending right now I saw it too in Lenovo phone. Well, the RAM organization is going well also without any lag. At this point we have to realize that the specification is the same with another high-end. I installed Modern Combat 5, Chaos Rings and Final Fantasy IV and there were no complaint for me.

The battery is a monster. It can stand for 1 day full with 3G on! Maybe that is not so special because there are some phone has this ability. With around 3000 mAh battery you don’t need to be afraid for being online and aching for Power Bank.

There were no perfect phone in the world there is just a better phone. The disadvantage of this phone is in its camera. The Camera is not as good enough as Xperia or Samsung Camera. It is bad at indoor shooting. And not good enough for selfie :(. But the quality is not that bad. With 13 MP back and 2 MP front you still can take a photo outdoor and the quality is enough.

Overall I am satisfied for the performance and its features. Although you need some cool apps to install for example facebook twitter instagram Vine etc :p. You should try! The price is not too expensive also :D.


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