Smartphone’s Development Climax??

Hi all, I got bored of the development of technology nowadays. Why you ask, because I see that the development isn’t developed well. In this writing i focused on smartphone. Since Apple produce the first smartphone with iPhone, the development seemed went so fast. I was still using Sony Ericsson with Java at that time there was a few people using the Apple with its iOS. the 2009-2010 Most of my  colleague change their phone to Blackberry. When the changing is happening I still used my Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson in 2009 is one of the average-used phone and Blackberry is the Sophisticated phone. Blackberry continued to expand its market at that time. Using the popularity of BBM ( Blackberry Messenger) most of my friend change their phone to Blackberry. I still used my phone and not changing to Blackberry. time went fast Blackberry still the handheld with a high price. as time goes my Phone was dying. You know what dying means? yes, the phone is not functioning as it has to be.  It was hard to make a call, The case of the phone was broken and so on and so on. 2011, 80% of my colleague was using Blackberry at that time also I didn’t have a money to change my phone.


iPhone one of the most favorite smartphone

In 2011, Android was expanding. However, Android itself had no same popularity with iOS and Blackberry. I need to change the phone at that time and got no money to buy iOS and Blackberry handheld. Then I gambled by buying the Android device with the lowest specification. Yeah, at that time android is the most possible phone that I could buy. Maybe at that time I am the first student who was using WhatsApp. Proud? Yes! because android was going to be a new Legend in smartphone competition.

In smartphone competition, Features is the most valuable things. Every smartphone has its features to attract the user. Blackberry had succeed with its Blackberry Messenger. The features stay until now. It also has million of users. iOS, with its premium feels-phone has so many features. One of them is iTunes, lot of Apps, and so on. Android with its versatility can be used by any manufacturers.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Using brand new snapdragon chip and Waterproof


The features are developed by the time goes by. From 2009-2013 iOS is developing well by adding its premium feels like Maps for iOS, Peronal Assistance SIRI, Fingerprint scanner, and another additional in its hardware. Various of Android smartphone has developed too. I cannot mentioned it one by one, the most noticed are the copy of iOS. For example Google Now similar with SIRI. Not all the iOS features are copied by Android devices, IOS did too in Notification center.

The war between smartphones now, in my opinion has reach its climax. Blackberry has taken down by the war between iOS vs Android features. Nokia is trying its luck by Producing Lumia with Windows Phone. There are no new features unless the fingerprint scan by iOS. Smartwatch, has no significant innovation, Charging in every 6 hours just for your watch? No thanks.


Smartwatch, the future?


Maybe we just need to wait hardware  vendor to make 8 cores phone or 10 cores phone to see new series of smartphone. My handheld right now is Xperia L and its age is just 1 year used. Although the features is not modern enough but the performance is similar with 4-cores phone with some modification. You don’t know what will happen on the future. It is possible that smart[phone will be developed again, but not in this year. 2014 smartphone has reach its climax. In my conclusion.






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